Back from Rome

So, no, I didn’t post from Italy, and I’m not convinced that anyone even noticed. (This
is something of a specialized weblog.) Yes, the wedding was lovely. And, yes, Rome was grand (and quite hot, but
better that than the perpetual rain and mist that typified Spring 2003.) Perhaps I’ll
get a few pictures up in time, but only after General Assembly and my wedding have passed.
(Chris a.k.a Philocrites says essentially the same thing.)

One thing that is different than when I last wrote is that it may be possible for my partner
Jonathan and I to actually get legally married in Ontario, even if that marriage would not then
be recognized when we returned to the relatively liberal environs of the District of
Columbia. No need to make links, it is the big news related to Toronto, squelching the SARS story.

Rest in peace.Two very different men died today: my great-uncle Israel “Pat” Coatney, and
former Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson, who died nearby. May God bring them, and in time each of us, home and close to one another.

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