Not lectionary, but calendar?

Chutney makes clear what Chutney (I’d use a pronoun, but I don’t know what gender the writer is) is missing, and that doesn’t jerk my chain so much.

If I were making a thematic calendar with readings — with an overlay “sanctorial” calendar of the “saints” and major anniversaries — I’d start with the procession of the seasons.

After all, the Christian calendar is based on the Jewish calendar, and it has agricultural roots. Seems a good place to start, and then attribute values to the seasons. Values which speak to the particular congregation, if not the UUA in general.

And if a person was going to start compling useful liturgical material, why not go to the prayers of James Martineau? He understood the seasons better than most.

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  1. Ooh, we’ve got a trend going here: “Unipalianism,” folks. Post-creedal ritual. (I briefly considered “Episcotarianism,” but of course that would leave the Universalists out, and I like Scott. So Unipalianism it is.)

  2. Well, it works much better than Christianity, which is what my followers are stuck with! (Seriously: the California Achievement Tests always abbreviated my first name. There I was, in front of the whole sixth grade, “WALTON, CHRIST.”) And anyway, among UU bloggers, you’re already a demi-god.

  3. A seasonal calendar, or “Liturgy for All Seasons,” seems to be working in Reading, Pa., at 1st UU of Berks County. The minister and director of spiritual growth and learning put it together last summer.
    Here’s a reference: and there are links to others on that page.

  4. Thinking of the CAT…

    Wuzzle means to mix. Alate means to have wings. A baloo is a bear.

    They gave us that test twice a year, every year, and they wondered why half the eighth grade was in the gifted-talented program…

  5. If I can toss my two cents in- Chutney is exemplary of a true chutney: so sweet you can’t resist it, and so spicy you can’t stand it. (Or at least his blog is.)

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