Chicago, the home of "jazz killers" and . . .

Apart from changing planes at O’Hare, I’ve never been to Chicago: never have been to the Art Institute, never have ridden the El, and never have visited much less attended a certain double-initialed Unitarian Universalist-related seminary.

Last night, in a new members’ orientation, I told a U of Chicago grad-soon to be new member that I didn’t go because of the weather. (We’re having the first touch of fall in Washington.)

Matthew Gatheringwater rather coveniently spells out one of the two more compelling reasons I chose against Meadville/Lombard in his entries, “Pardon Me, I’m a Unitarian” and “Mysteries.” (The other was the cost of attending.)

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  1. I can only imagine why you didn’t go to M/L, but I will say that I’ve read Learning to Be White, and “enjoyed” it, or suffered through it, or something. I think Thandenka (sp?) is right on the money, and is right to say (surprise) the UUA’s anti-racism work is bound to fail. Anyway, she and I actually had a rather tearful meeting at the GA in Quebec City as I told her about my reaction to the book … if you can believe that.


  2. I think a lot of us were glad to see Prof. Thandeka take on the sacred anti-racism cows at 25 at GA. She has the gravity to do it, but neither is she a panacea.

    But I don’t credit or blame her or any single professor for my not going to M/L or SKSM. (Indeed, she was still at Williams when I was in seminary.) Instead, I wanted a school with a reputation for building pastors, and one with a healthy student culture, though I didn’t have the words for it back then. (I called it “not wanting to play the token, Stepin’ Fetchit Gay Student.”)

    And I don’t hear much from either M/L or SKSM that suggests I made the wrong choice.

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