Web wish list: a page about using turkey roasters

I know you must be thinking “Scott’s flipped his lid” or “The secrets of Universalism are encoded here somehow” — no, this is an appeal for institutionalizing folk knowledge about creating fellowship meals for smallish churches.

My current church has at least one electric 18-quart turkey roaster. So did my last church, and, in fact, nearly every church kitchen I’ve seen has evidence of the kind of white enamelled roaster — “the kind grandma used” — and evidentally bequeated to churches.

A lot of hot food can be made in one of those roasters, which is really more of a table-top oven. That food could be the anchor for a really fun church meal. The sad thing is that there is little online advice as to how to use them, particularly for low-fat, vegetarian, or any non-middle-American cookery. Think of this as a wish for some more very practical theology.

There is a link below to a few helpful recipes I’ve found, but here’s the real deal: I’ll offer a template and some space here at Universalistchurch.net for anyone who is willing to host a page, for at least a year and with a particular focus on church-friendliness, on “turkey roaster” cookery.

Add a comment if you’re interested.

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  1. I have a book on “One-Pot Cookery” that might have some ideas worth looking into, especially recipes that might cook all day, say while a church conference is under way. I’ll bring it in for you.

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