"Presbyterians who commission lay pastors, and the people who love them . . ."

. . . “next, on Jerry Springer.” Or so, my wayward mind goes.

This is just a way to gather links to PC (USA) presbyteries that have Commissioned Lay Pastor training program information online.

See the extended entry — I’ll add links as I find them.

East Iowa Pres.: http://www.pbyeastia.org/commissionedlaypastor.html

Genessee Pres.: www.pbygenval.org/Ministry_Resources/clptp.htm

Hudson River Pres. http://www.hudrivpres.org/clp/clp.html

Kiskiminetas Pres.: http://www.kiskipby.org/CLP/clpguide.html

Lincoln Trails Synod (eight prebyteries; headquarters in Indianapolis): http://www.lincolntrails.org/clp.htm

National Capitol Pres.: http://thepresbytery.org/Resources/Certified_Lay_Pastor.html?OpenThreads=%2Bh1230%2B+. (refers to training program)

New Covenant Pres.: www.pbyofnewcovenant.org/tips/ downloads/LA-DegreePlan.pdf (note, this is a PDF file; note to self, examine this file)

North Central Iowa: www.presbynciowa.org/pdfdocuments/ bookoforderrequirements.pdf and www.presbynciowa.org/pdfdocuments/ Commissionedlaypastor.pdf (note, these are PDF files)

Northern Kansas Pres.: http://www.pnks.org/lpprogram.cfm

Ohio Valley Pres.: http://www.presbyteryofohiovalley.org/Directories/CommissionedLayPastor.html (list of CLPs, I think)

Shenandoah Pres.: www.shenpres.org/Forms/Clp.pdf (note, this is a PDF file)

Tropical Florida Pres.: www.tfpby.org/pages/clp_select.pdf (note, this is a PDF file)

Western New York Pres.: www.presbyteryofwesternnewyork.org/ Meeting%20Documents/CLPPolicy.pdf (note, this is a PDF file)

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