Deacons or not, a resource for caring

There’s a rather nicely put together Catholic apostolate with ready to download material that has care/outreach material that might be good for deacons or deacon-like caring associates.

Link: Lay Pastor Society

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  1. Scott – What a brilliant link to a wonderful program. “Every family contacted once per month.” What a way to say the Church loves you! I will definitely be downloading this site, and adding it to my compilation of resources for future study.

    Beyond pastoral care, my mind wanders towards the training of lay preachers. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to writing about lay preachers at my own Blog.

  2. Great! This site has sample scripts of the type that we UNMC deacons were looking for to jumpstart a more effective parish contact system. They’re seasonal, but some of the language could no doubt also be adapted to “care and concern” situations. There’s also a simple commissioning ceremony, mission and goals statement, etc. This is really a commendable model for all the pieces you need to set up any kind of outreach effort.

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