Back from London

Well, Jonathan and I are back from London, and due to jetlag, I’ve got nothing better to do than get up an blog a little. The trip was quite a tonic.

If I had it to do all over, we would have had more time in and around Manchester, and less in London. In particular, less time shopping in London, since the whole city seems to be an expensive outlet for American or American-branded goods. Also, I would have committed my wallet and Palm to the hotel safe (in London) rather than having them stolen from the room. Goodbye $200 emergency cash, a credit card (cancelled; they’ll write off about $400 in charges) and my driver’s license. Thank God I had my passport on my person as primary identification.

So, that said and to avoid sounding sour, I had the most fun and richest experiences when meeting locals, particularly the pastors of the Brixton Unitarian Church (Julian Smith) and the Brook Steet Chapel, Knutsford (Alex Bradley, whom I’ve know for years). They were each exceedingly free with their hospitality.

Enough for now; more later.

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