Voluntary simplicity

Chutney at MyIrony.com asks:

Does anyone know someone who practices “voluntary simplicity” who isn’t at least upper-middle class, white, and liberal? I thought not.

Go ahead and read the rest of his thoughts. I’m more compelled by those who are simple (and don’t make a to-do about it) than those who are conspicuous alternate-consumers.

So what drives the desire to live an artifically simple life, that is itself artificial in its implementation. Whistfulness? Embarassment? Or perhaps a dis-ease with the power that wealth brings.

There’s something proud (not the good kind of pride, either) and haunted about the voluntary simplicity movement. After all, what part of it should demand attention to itself, or, for that matter, an organized movement?

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  1. First — your page is all screwed up.

    Per your post — if you aren’t at least middle-class, your life is very likely enforced simplicity. The reason you only see middle and upper class people doing it is because they’re the only ones with the incomes to live a more — what? compicated? — lifestyle.

  2. – Amongst the voluntary simplicity folks I know, who truly do come across as authentic, are the numerous Quakers I encounter on a daily basis. For them simplicity is a key spiritual discipline, and one of the 4 Quaker Testimonies (simplicity, honesty, equality, peace making). I also know some middle-class Balck Pentecostals in my community who practice voluntary simplicity, but don’t call it that. They call it being in the world, but not of the world.

  3. Hmm… Well, I’m definitely white, I’ll give you that much. But I don’t think we were “upper-middle class” even before we started moving towards simplicity, let along now! Oh, and I wouldn’t be considered “liberal” either unless you believe in the cyclical model where extreme right and extreme left meet: I’m more libertarian than anything else so I guess you have to classify me with those militia wackos if you want to disparage me that way.

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