When your apartment building catches fire . . .

So what would you take if your apartment building catches fire? Last night, the alarm rang and Jonathan and I pulled on warm clothing and came down the several flights of stairs only to meet a band of D.C. firefighters. This was no drill.

The fire in an apartment in the opposite part of the building was burnt, but nobody was hurt and we were back in the apartment in the hour.

Of course, you’re not supposed to bring your possessions, and I didn’t see anyone outside with appliances or luggage. After coming back in, I surveyed the contents of my pockets: a small amount of cash, two credit cards and driver’s licence, a cheap wristwatch, a small toy cow (that’s something of a house mascot) and a small photo album that belonged to my late maternal grandmother, and has family pictures from my infancy.

A bit of an object lesson to be sure. When Joseph got the angel’s message about Herod’s plan for Jesus, what did they take? Safe to say no credit cards, no toy, no photos.

Just a little thought before Christmas.

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