Destined for Salvation Ministries

Those who attended the UUCF’s Revival 2003 would have met Kalen Fristad, who, with his wife Darlene, are Destined for Salvation Ministries. They were set to begin their travelling ministry on July 1, 2003, but I haven’t heard anything of them since. (Admittedly, they are based out of Newton, Iowa, so I’m not likely to trip across their path.)

A friend of theirs report about them in her blog. See the November 3 entry.

If you know anything more – or have visited with the Fristads since last February – do drop a line in the comments.

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  1. – I know Kalen. He is a United Methodist Minister, authorized by his bishop in Iowa to work as a traveling missionary preacher. Lately he has been preaching in California, mostly to Methodist, Episcopalian, and UCC churches.

  2. I heard this gentlemen speak at First Congregational / United Church of Christ in downtown Riverside. His is a compelling speaker and I personally like the concept of universal salvation. Eternal damnation and a merciful god do not go together, in my humble opinion of course! If you have a chance, attend a talk and buy his well laid out book. Only $10.00, a bargain!

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