UUA running tally

Continuing the thread Philocrites started, I’ve found it interesting that, after 287 congregations have reported that 41 report the exact same number as they did last year. That’s about one in six. “No growth, but no decline,” you say, and thus no foul. Perhaps. But it also suggests that the statistics were just rolled over from last year. (I’ve been guilty of this myself.)

Bad stats are not in-and-of-themselves bad, but it does speak to a certain inattention to mission. God knows we suffer from a shyness to mission to begin with; we don’t need to reinforce the habit.

So, here’s my offer. If you’ve lost members, say so. (A couple of certified congregations clearly had new members join, and recertified with one or two more. That’s the spirit!) We can all be glad next year when the 2005 figures show growth from where you really are.

For those counting, with 287 congregations reporting, the UUA has a net increase of 835 members.

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