A quick look at the Valdosta website

Responding to Anna’s comment: Given that I went to the University of Georgia you might not think I would have anything nice to say about Ultima Thule Valdosta, but the state university there is quite good, and (as we all know in the Peach State) that’s where they grow the football players.

In fact, Unitarian Universalist Church of Valdosta‘s site does what it ought, and that’s what makes it good.

A quick bit of terminology: above the fold. Imagine a webpage is like a newspaper. It comes to you folded so that you see the top half of the front page when you get it. More important stuff belongs at the top, less important stuff at the bottom. Indeed, one of the winning things about the Clifton Unitarian site is that there was no below-the-fold.

The Valdosta site keeps 90% of the visitor-vital information above the fold. Pull up the phone number and email address, and convert the text in the banner image into real text, and that’s done. I’d move everything historical on the front page to a designated page (and since there’s already a nice one, it wouldn’t be hard.)

Plus, I’d want to see the text sizes and fonts harmonized and perhaps one or two very low bandwidth pictures of church activities, but it is a good website and I would hate to see it spoiled by becoming too “clever.” Lastly, it was on the list of those church website that knows how to handle a Geocities account.

Good going to your web designer, and best wishes to y’all below the gnat line.

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  1. Thanks much-I really appreciate your feedback on the site. It’s nice that you actually know where Valdosta is! I will certainly pass your comments along to our webmaster who will be tickled to hear some compliments for all her hard work.


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