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I know a lot of hope is being staked on the Tarrant County, Texas new start called Pathways Church, but the more I see the more uneasy I get.

The good news it that the leadership team has updated the website and now it has the kind of information that one would expect when being invited into the vision for a new church. The bad news it the content. Call me a big crusty ENTJ but the whole thing just seems way too sweet to be taken seriously. Like a New Age center with a caffeine buzz (and so can’t stop talking). And who are they talking to? I can’t tell. UUA funders, prospective members, members of the planning committee, members of area Unitarian Universalist churches? All of the above?

And then there’s the talk about the “cultural creatives” which makes me fit to puke. (Not just from Pathways, but from anyone who gets keyed up about evangelizing that so-called group.) But that’s a matter for another day.

Well, see for yourself, but unless you have a pretty zippy connection, be sure to turn off the images. On the front page alone there are 325 kilobytes of untrimmed (and, in my opinion, unhelpful) stock images of daffodils, children, a bridge, and the Earth from space. Without implying that he agrees with me on the matter of the Pathways Church, Philocrites states well my feelings in a posting from last October entitled “Too Much C Major”. Be sure to read it.

All I say now is I have a bad feeling about this one. . . .

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