Theological imagination through old architecture

I keep my eyes open for options for worship-setup other than the auditorium-hearing-speaker model endemic to churches in the West, and particularly for Protestants. Putting the chairs in semi-circles instead of rows doesn’t strike me as all that radical a move.

It helps to know how space has been used historically, and that’s where the Anglicans come in. First, collectively, they make a religion out of the act of worship (that’s not a complement) and so have bothered to make a study. Second, as a tradition, we came with the greater strain of Western Eurpoean Reformation churches like the Anglicans. Indeed, we are the heirs to their reformers: the Puritans. Thus, third, we can learn about our past when we see how the bad guys of the Commonwealth (read: us) did things. (I love a table-wise chancel!)

And that brings us to a book from 1948, put online a couple of years ago.

It is a big download and (alas) not broken into convenient parts, but if you’re even slightly interested, well worth the trouble.

The Architectural Setting of Anglican Worship

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