Best church website in the UUA?

I didn’t go back and view all the non-tiny UU churches to find the best larger-than-tiny UU church website, but I may have stumbled over it. (My opinion for best tiny UU church website.)

It puts a visitor’s needs up at the top, gives me the information and images I want (in the amount I need), it loads very fast (more than a minute faster with my 56K dialup modem than the Pathways Church website I roasted earlier), and generally impresses me with its, well, honesty.

If it used both ALT (it does) and TITLE tags (no evidence; scroll over my images for an example) it would be that much better, but it is far ahead of the curve for disability access, making the most of web standards, and anticipating future technology. It could be prettier – and might be so in the future – but in the meantime it is good, full and solid: my Pennsylvania German ancestors would have approved. Above all, there’s not a hint of Flash animation for which God should be praised.

So, the next time I’m in the Bay Area, I’ll go to the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, California

Check it out its website. The best in the UUA? Perhaps, and if not, then it is still a standard lesser websites can strive for.

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