Travelling tonight

My friends know I’m notoriously tight when it comes to needless spending, and I’m unusually proud to get a bargain. My bus extravaganza should cost about $74, and I’m taking advantage of my screwed-up sleep schedule to travel at night. I should be in New York about dawn, and in Boston before lunch. While preaching is my reason presumptive for going, I look forward to some friendly meetings, too.
Eliot helps pack
I won’t be traveling alone. Apart from a thin New Testament, I’m carry three books: George Hunston Williams’s American Universalism, William H. Lazareth’s Growing Together in Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry: A Study Guide, and John D. Zizioulas’s Being As Communion. These are weight-wise light works, which is a bit of an incentive to take them.

I’ll also have my mascot/traveling companion with me: Eliot. Eliot is a small plastic bull, and he’s never been to Massachusetts.

Wish us well. I may or may not be posting between now and our return to Washington.

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