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Note: the Georgia state flag doesn’t have a dang thing to do with Universalism, theology, or to many people, anything at all. Indeed, from what I gather, the horse is not just dead, but mummified.

Georgia state seal. Motto:

To recap: in 2001, the state General Assembly replaced the two-generation-old state flag (which was based on the Confederate battle flag) with the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone knew it was ugly, but many African-Americans and some white liberals were mollified. This white Georgia liberal was ticked off, and other less liberal white Georgia were openly furious.

Tonight, Georgia voters formally replaced “the place mat” with a new flag, which a lot of people are glad to say isn’t ugly or Confederate. At least that’s half right.

I was on the phone with a relative on Sunday and we referred the new one as “the First National” because the Georgia state flag of 2004 is obviously based on the first Confederate civil flag. Funny huh?

I’ll see if I can get images of the four flags mentioned and will drop them in the extended entry section.

First National (Confederate) flag

First National (Confederate) flag

pre-2001 Georgia flag

The pre-2001 Georgia flag

Georgia flag, 2001-2003: the placemat

Georgia flag, 2001-2003: the placemat

the ancient-modern flag

The ancient-modern flag

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