Blogging as a means of training

I was speaking to someone today about blogging, and thought out loud about the future of blogging, particularly for Unitarian Universalists, since we seem so ahead of the curve here.

I proposed that it could be used for training, though that’s not my field. Turns out there’s a lot of e-ink spilled on blogs on the subject. But it still seems in the future. Then again, how old is this phenomenon?

Note Dan Saffer: Why I Blog my Postgrad Course because blogs the course he takes to record and retain his education, and by blogging teaches what he’s learned.

Of course, because intellectual property rights issues are hand-in-glove with blogging, I have to look again to the Creative Commons website, which has links to colleges with course content covered by the license. Neat!I mean MIT and Rice, too, not Joe Bob Community College.

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