The second ten good things

Earlier, I listed the first ten good things a church member would say about our new church. Here’s the second set.

  1. My parents and children both feel welcome here.
  2. My church helps me make friends.
  3. My church lets me develop sexual ethics in an environment of trust and accountability.
  4. There are people here who know when I’m missing.
  5. My church is clear that my friends aren’t damned for being who they are.
  6. At my church, I can talk about how much I miss my dead pet without being treated like a fool.
  7. My church supports my monogamous relationship with prayer and practical help.
  8. There’s so much energy here that we’re already planning a new church across town.
  9. My church gives me tools and food for thought about murky and conflicting social issues.
  10. We reach out to other Universalists across the world. I really feel like I’m part of something special and important

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