Color, absence

Like many Unitarian Universalist ministers over the last week, I was “oh, not really doing much, thanks” but in fact writing a sermon for the second annual Borden Sermon contest. Most of my colleagues seemed – or played – quite aloof to it, but now that the deadline has passed (yesterday) are a bit more forthcoming. After all, with three $10,000 first prizes, it is hard to say no. (If it is a non-winner, I’ll post it here. In May.)

So, with the cold rain, my church planting chores done for the day, and all the mild teasing I’ve been getting from Philocrites (no, still no orange and blue, Philo) about my lavender color scheme, I’m trying something different. (The title image will have to wait.)

The effect I was trying for was purple and white, with red, to match the colors in my hood. Purple and white for Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, and red (crimson, really) for the fact I hold a divinity degree.

On reflection, TCU’s purple is bluer than what I had, so I’m going to cycle through some purple themes until I get one I like. (This one perfectly matches the TCU logo, but seems too grey.)

In case you were wondering if I was getting loopy.

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