March stats is a hard-working domain, supporting two blogs, two church websites, and a good number of Universalist Christian resources. Even though the domain has only been at this host since March 11, I got 1280 “unique users” Greetings to readers from at least seventeen foreign countries, and thanks to the 28 who bookmarked a page.

Still, this blog is the biggest draw, and has drawn some people looking for things I never intended, including: “list of boy bands” “first holy communion favors” “the mission of the google” “tom wopat biography adopted” “jazz killers chicago” “germantown maryland brothels” “driver license non-resident uk”

There was also searches for four living Unitarian Universalist ministers!

Thanks to revsparker at Across, Beyond, Through: more people came here as a click-through than from any other site. I suspect part of that is due to him linking to both blogs, so thanks again for that.

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