Where Book of Prayer?

Ceres asked in the comments:

Hi Scott, How can I get a copy of the 1894 universalist book of common prayer?

Ah! saw that in the World didn’t you?
prayer book
The Book of Prayer for the Church and the Home was one of a surprisingly large group of Universalist prayer books. This one, in an abridged version, was kept in print until 1943: long, long after the trinitarian (or liturgy-using, or even Christian) Universalists are thought to be gone in the popular telling of the denomination. Believe it or not, it is still used in two churches in Rhode Island (First Universalist, Providence, and First Universalist, Harrisville) . I also use the morning and evening prayer services at home daily. (Tips to follow.)

Since they are used where they can be found, and were probably discarded where they were abandonded, this book is very hard to find in print. My copy was a gift.

That’s why I put it online, where you can read it:

Book of Prayer


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