"Death in the Family"

O Thou who hast declared Thyself to be the Lord
, gracious and merciful, though veiling Thyself in a
pavilion of clouds: Graciously regard us in this our time of sorrow,
and mercifully remember us, O Lord.

Pour the light in which Thou dwellest into the darkness in which we
mourn, and enable us to trust the overrulings of Thine infinite love.
Endue us, we beseech Thee, with the patience of hope, that affliction
may be transfigured into a ministering angel of Thy presence. Comfort
us by the assurance of Thy fatherly purpose, and suffer us not, by any
sorrows of life, nor any pains of death, to fall away from our
confidence in Thee.

  • The collect “Death in the Family” from the Occasional Collects
    [for family worship] in The Gospel Liturgy, “prepared by direction of the General Convention of Universalists” (New York: Henry Lyon, 1861), p.116.
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