Members' homes, part two

A quick followup to the question fo home-based congregations. As far as I can tell, there are five Unitarian Universalist congregations that (still) meet in members’ homes. (And they are about the size I expected, except Lewisburg, which seems large.) If there are others, let me know in the comments. They are listed below with their memberships listed thereafter. None have websites.

  • California: Orange County (Channing Society) (12)
  • Colorado: Aspen (5)
  • Pennsylvania: Lewisburg (Joseph Priestley)(28)
  • Ohio: Warren (7)
  • Wisconsin: Wawatosa (Unitarian Fellowship of Milwaukee) (12)

OK: I hear you saying “Isn’t that a lot of work for such a tiny congregtion?” What is more telling is that there are nearly fifty unfederated UUA member churches that have 16 or fewer members but have buildings. How can they afford them? Maintain them?

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  1. Scott – The congregation in Richmond, KY meets in the home of a non-resident member, who donates the space for the congregation’s use. But when the church is not meeting, I believe the home is largely un-used (because the owner may be in Florida most of the year).

    A congregation forming in Petoskey, MI follows a simmilar pattern, but I think folks there may be hoping the deed to the house will eventually be donated to their church.

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