How purple is our cow?

Darren at the LivingRoom writes about ‘Purple Cow’ Church, and think aloud how the Church can be distinct in order to be seem.

Is that what we (Unitarian Universalists) are doing when we make ourselves out to be so precious and twee? I don’t like it, but perhaps it give us “market share” by being distinctive. Sort of a “there is no bad press” assumption. (And this follows a week when we’ve gotten very good press.)

As a Christian, I usederstand and accept the existance of different communions and denominations (but not their division and mutual hostility) because through our distinctive gifts, that is, our particularity, we make the Church Universal catholic, this is, plenary and full.

I’m not sure what role peculiarity has for Unitarian Universalm qua “non-Christian religion” though? And that, in part, is why our quaintly addled folkways (as lampooned on The Simpsons for instance) annoy me so much.

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