Allen Fuller exhorts

When I was woking on a master’s program in church history in the early 90s, I planned to write my thesis on Universalism in the old South. Didn’t finish the degree – God stepped in with ministerial plans – but I did find a number of interesting tidbits, including this small exhortation by the Rev. Allen Fuller, who served churches in Rhode Island and North Carolina.

Trust in the infinite goodness of our Father in heaven, and love him because he first loved us. Receive the Gospel of Christ, through which life and immortality are brought to light, by that faith that works by love and purifies the heart, that you may have the hope which is as an anchor to the soul, both sure and steadfast; and let not your light be hid under a bushel. And may the grace of God lead us into all truth and bless us evermore.

  • In Trumpet and Universalist Magazine, January 26, 1833, page 2.

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