Where was your dentist trained?

My new dentist (and my partner’s current dentist) is from Georgia (good) and got his dentistry degree from Tufts University. (Even better).

Apart from knowing that Tufts has one of the ugliest color combinations (light slate-y blue and russet) and that it has world-class dentistry and veterinary schools, you should know that it was founded by Universalists. Not that you would find much evidence of that on their website.

Nor, indeed would you find much evidence that one of the two closed Universalist seminaries was there: Crane, closed in 1967. (I do have a mug with a picture the Crane building on it, now the home of the religion department.)

But at least the dentistry school is open, and I hope to see Friday the fruits of a Tufts education.

Later. Quite pleased.

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