For All Conditions of Men (Gloria Patri Revised)

Infinitely wise and gracious God, we offer our supplication for all sorts and conditions of men; for the pastors of Christ’s flock, that they may constantly speak the truth and boldly rebuke and oppose sin. Bless our kindred according to the flesh; and unite us to one another by mutual love, and to thyself in holiness. Be thou a shield to the young, and a staff to the aged. Comfort and bless all those who are in want, in sickness, or in sorrow. Enlighten those who are in darkness, sustain the weak, guide the erring, and lead thy people in the way of life everlasting. We pray for the prosperity of thy church on earth. In the unity of spirit, and in the bonds of peace, may the followers of thy dear Son show forth the excellences of his religion, to thy praise and glory forever. Amen.

  • From “Second Order for Vespers” in Gloria Patri Revised (1903), p. 130-1

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