Prayer after Sermon (3)

Prayer after Sermon (3)
God of Truth, let Thy blessing for ever rest upon us, in the assurance of Thy perpetual presence. Thou goes by, and we see Thee not: Thou passest on also, and we perceive Thee not: yet art Thou very nigh to every one of us. The darknes hideth not from Thee, but the night shineth as the day, and all thins are open unto Him with whom we have to do.

Make us sensible, we beseech Thee, that Thy glory id in the goodnes Thou art ever making to pass before us; and may our sense of Thy loving-kindness, and our trust in Thine oyerruling [sic] purpose, constrain us to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before Thee.

And at last, when the shadows of the long night shall have fallen on our path, may our souls dwell together in the blessed land, where there is no forgetfulness of Thy presence, any more death. An
d to Thy holy name, throught the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, shall be everlasting praise. Amen

  • Third of “Prayers after Sermon” in Gospel Liturgy, p. 60-61

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