May statistics

Very happy with readership last month. For the domain, I had 1629 unique visitors (up from 1362 the month before) Most come here, with hits the other blogs, the First Universalist Church (Providence) website and Universalist resources following respectively. Worship tops the resource-interest list. pops the referring sites list, with following close. (Thanks, Revsparker!)

I’ve noted that, for a change, most people who use a search engine and read a page from one of my sites are doing so because they’re looking for little ol’ me and not some boy band.

I hope the three people who were looking for “objections to universalism” were hoping to find a reason to believe in God’s grace, and not slay someone else’s faith. I’m not sure I could be of much help to the searchers of “2004 alumni of men of helpers in russian email directory” or the “gospel outreach christian school of wickenburg arizona” or the “2004 email address of catholic archdiocese in spain” or “a resource book for the training and mission of the melanesian brotherhood.”

Be good!

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