Invocation for June

Almighty and most merciful God; all thy works praise thee, and all thy saints bless thee; O wilt thou vouchsafe thine aid, that we may praise and bless thee, now and forevermore. We would praise thee for the beauty and promise of this first month of summer; we would bless thee for all the agencies which are filling the earth with gladness.

O lift upon us the light of thy countenance, and give to us the summer of the soul. Let the dews of heavenly grace descend upon us; let the light of thy love shine within us; and may our hearts blossom, in purity, unto a day in the beauty of holiness, and in thine own good time call us to the enjoyment of a diviner worship in thy kingdom above, which we ask in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • invocation for the Morning Service “for all the Sundays in June, except the first” in Gloria Patri, p. 71

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