A Universalist Catechism, part one

The next in my series of Universalist primers to type out.

A Universalist Catechism

Prepared at the request of the Universalist General Convention by the General Sunday School Association

Universalist Publishing House
Boston and Chicago

Our higest truths are but half-truths.
Think not to settle nown forever in any truth.
Make use of it as a tent in which to pass a summer night,
But build no house in it, or it will be your tomb.
When you find the old truth irksome and confining,
When you first have an inkling of its insufficiency
And begin to descry a dim counter-truth looming up beyond,
The weep not, but give thanks.
It is the Lord’s voice, whispering, “Take up thy bed and walk.”

Ernest Howard Crosby.

A Universalist Catechism

What is the first doctine in Christian faith?
There is one God, the Father.

What kind of being is God?
God is spirit. God is perfect. He is all powerful, all wise, all good.

How is God related to mankind?
He is the Father of all.

How does God regard all mankind?
With a Father’s love and care.

How does God judge mankind?
With a righteous judgement.

What is God’s unchangeable purpose?
The final harmony of all souls with Himself.

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