"Learning Ancient Greek"

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One of the things I've regretted coming out of seminary (in 1997) is that I never learned Greek, and that feeling has been all the strong since the Olympic games began.

Last night, I saw a book -- sequel to one on Latin I liked -- at Barnes and Noble (indeed, it is under their imprint) called Learn Ancient Greek, and so I bought it. We'll see. After all, there's nothing worse than a theologian with a little Greek, so I might abandon the cause or else become like the preacher I heard this Sunday (visiting another church for the first time) who gave a sermon -- far too long and with more points than a cactus -- peppered with Greek.

Something must be up -- perhaps the Olympian spirit -- because the frontpage letter of Anglicans Online deals with Greek education. (And includes part of a famous cartoon on Greek prepositions.)

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