August statistics

I was a bit amazed that August was such a good month for visitors: my postings weren’t as many or original as before, but I resolve to better. So, the numbers:

Unlike earlier months, most referrals came from Technorati and and not other bloggers. There were 1622 unique visitors, but more robots than before, and I suspect many were foiled spammers. We’ll see how my hits go this month, with WordPress. (Look Ma! No blog spam!)

Now the fun part: the odd keywords used to find the blog: “cow parade kidnapping” “a baloo is a bear” “washington foot race” “theresa heinz kerry prostitute revelation bible” (that’s rude, and a view not shared here!) “swedenborgian gay 2004” “episcopalian cassock rules” “arminian string cheese” (Methodist milk product?) “roti boy of services” “principles of electric kettle” “scott wells medieval” (indeed!) and the names of a dozen colleagues.

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