There has to be an easier way to get an education

My father got his college education paid by the GI Bill. The old GI Bill, that is. I know that did a lot of good for a lot of people.

But it makes me sick to hear of this or that solider die because of of service that came out of thinking that military service was some kind of scholarship program. God knows that no so long ago it was touted just as that.

I recalled in my earlier, tad more radical, days a pamphlet that pointed out alternatives to military service if it only is being sought as a job or means to a proper education. (And I say this in defense of military service: let it be a calling it its own right, and not a case of bait-and-switch.)

Well, that pamphlet is online in a more contemporary version. It could use a re-write — it cites books but not other websites — but its points should be presented to any young person who thinks there is no other option for success, or even national service.

From the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors site:
Financing College Without Joining the Military

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