My letter to NBC

Nothing profound, but each of us ought to take a tip from the right-wing “family” crowd (and recalling old Amnesty activism days) and express our outrage to the TV powers-that-be. Sent one to CBS, too.

If you’ve not yet heard about CBS and NBC’s refusal to sell air time to the United Church of Christ, (it has been very slow loading’ see their press release instead) read Philocrites’s blog, to whom I owe the tip. (You can get the email addresses there.)

My letter to the NBC chief:

Mr. Randy Falco, President
NBC Television Network

Dear Mr. Falco,

I understand that NBC is not permitting the United Church of Christ (UCC) to buy air time for its message because there is concern that its implied welcome to gay and lesbian Christians is controversial.

As a (non-UCC) minister, I think this is unfortunate and hypocritical. “Unfortunate” because I think the United Church’s message is worthwhile. “Hypocritical” because NBC has profited from gay and lesbian characters in programming, and gay and lesbian viewers.

By refusing the United Church, NBC gives an unfair hand to both right-wing Christians and secularists of all political persuasions. I hope you will bear pressure to change this position.

Yours truly,

(The Rev.) Scott Wells
Washington, D.C.

2 Replies to “My letter to NBC”

  1. What’s the address for the offending networks! Let the letter bombardment begin!

    I’ve seen the previews of the UCC ads, and they are hardly shocking, and in VERY good taste (unlike some things we’ve seen on NBC and CBS).

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