UCC TV fallout

Something must be resonating. Tonight, each of my parents mentioned (in turn) the UCC ad ban when I when I spoke with them on ordinary family business. They reported seeing a part of the clip on news (whether local or national, I forgot to ask) — and this is in a substantial city in Georgia with no UCC congregation.

If I was a UCC-power-that-is, I’d press this matter a little further, not actually run the expensive TV ads, but come up with an emergency plan to capitalize on the press. Print ads, perhaps? How about inviting people to church, with a teaser that the “forbidden ad” will be played before and after the service?

Why? It seems the UCC is having quite a time raising the cash to pay for this campaign: why pay to run something that would out of necessity be an anti-climax. I said months ago I didn’t think the ad was all that wonderful. The UCC has built goodwill where they need it, and have gotten substantial secular press attention.

I’d use the opportunity to invest hard-gathered funds elsewhere.

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