Fifteen meatballs

When your minister leaves this kind of note in your comments section, you must reply:

Right on IKEA! Somehow I didn’t realize that they sold meatballs…are they cooked?

Yes, they are cooked, and fifteen of them are served with boiled new potatoes, cream gravy, lingenberries, dinner roll, your choice of soup or salad greens, and a soft drink for $5.99. I always get soup; Hubby, salad. This is the Manager’s Special and it is the only thing we get. (There are seafood and vegetarian options, usually another special, plus a children’s menu and desserts. You can even get jarred baby food, or a very cheap breakfast in the morning.) Note: in the Swedish food section, you can get meatballs, gravy, and the lingenberries frozen and ready to go.

There is a theological tie-in. The Swedenborgian church I actually attend is — what I have heard — called “the church where angels serve meatballs”: an obvious pun on the Sweden- part of the name, and a reference to their rather aetherial theology.

The IKEA cafe and restaurant is, like other aspects of their business plan, a constant, so the following links to images of their restaurants in other countries might as well be the eatery in College Park, Maryland.


United Arab Emirates
Near me

. . . and in 2005, Stoughton, Massachusetts.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if IKEA is very, very good, or very, very evil. But it is certainly uniform.

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  1. So is our having “aetherial theology” good or bad? (Or an accusation of ties to the Aetherius Society?)

  2. In the cafe, the meatballs are cooked, but I think you can also buy them frozen downstairs.

    My other favorite Ikea product is stuffed animals. You can get a pretty spiff looking stuffed weasel there for like six dollars. A fabulous gag gift for well-behaved to a fault people needing immoral support.


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