Mellow with monks

Every once in a while, Hubby and I will buy used phonograph records, with a keen eye towards the ironic. Who knew Andy Williams had so many recordings?

Last trip, I picked up a 1972 treasure Listen by the Benedictine monks of the Weston Priory, Weston, Vermont. I bought the album ($1) solely on the liner photo of the dashiki-clad monks sprawled out on the grounds playing guitars and singing. Oh, I thought, they’re trying to be contemporary. Very post-Vatican II indeed.

Technically, the music isn’t bad, though the somatic effect is something between Brian Wren and the New Christy Minstrals. (For the uninitiated, the later was parodied in A Mighty Wind as the “family” singing group.)

With music like this, who needs barbituates? (Still, good to clean and wrap gifts by.) Oh, and the monks are still making albums, albeit in CD format. From the look of the album art, I gather they haven’t strayed far.

Music by the Monks of Weston Priory

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  1. I clearly need more sleep. I read that first line “Hubby and I will buy used PORNOGRAPHY” and was really starting to wonder about the effect those Swedenborgeans were having on you!

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