2004 in review

Blogging is still slow; problems continue on my own computer.

In reviewing stats, I’m amazed by how many visitors I’ve gotten, but keep that feeling tempered when I realize that most of today’s visitors are blog spammers. Still, looking to the search engine referrals, I see that the message is getting through, even if the #1 referral phrase is “boy bands”. Other heavy-hitters are “church mission” (104) “scott wells” (69) “boy in the bands” “gay bible” “naming a church” “child dedication” “universalist christian” So people are looking for me or what I have to say: not bad in the context of what the spammers have to sell.

The top referring (non-spam) site is textweek.blogs.com/textweek/ with honorable mention to universalistchristians.org and philocrites.com.

Now, I’m back to closing comments boxes, to make 2005 a spam-reduced year.

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