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  1. Well, drat. I suppose that’s why it is in beta testing. And I was hoping to use it for church websites.

  2. When I enter “Unitarian congregation in Fremont Ca” Google lists only United Church of Christ locations! Guess we’re just not on their map.

  3. Pat, it seems to be a side effect of not having your own building.

    Of course, I take a certain delight because it is a case where “Unitarian means Unitarian Universalist” is counterproductive. Put in “Unitarian Universalist congregation in Fremont Ca” and most of the rest of the Unitarian Universalist congregations pop up.

    Actually, “Unitarian church in Fremont Ca” “Universalist church . . .” and “Universalist congregation . . .” pull them up, even ones (like Oakland) that don’t have Universalist in the name, or are named “fellowship.”

    Funny, huh?

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