A UU and Moodle

A while back, I was writing about the usefulness of Moodle, an open source learning management system, for Unitarian Universalists and others. (But on reflection, it might have been one of a set of articles obliterated by a worm.)

Some seminaries (Earlham, Bethany, St. Vladimir’s, Goshen, Southwest Episcopal) have Moodle sites for their students. Some education entrepreneurs use it to train people who otherwise have poor access to education. (If you want to learn about HIV/AIDS for instance.) I’m seriously looking into taking the Learn Linux course out of South Africa.

Theology and ministry sites about on the Moodle index, but when I saw a Moodle site called Lifespan Religious Education [was /www.lifespanre.org; defunct] I knew I had a Unitarian Universalist. Since all the courses are being developed (taught?) by the Rev. John Scheuneman, I assume it is his site. Perhaps the only Unitarian Universalist minister who owns more domains than me, he is also known by his blog and other sites, like rootedinspirit.org.

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  1. It always bothers me when I see schools, especially seminaries, spending so much on Blackboard (the choice of the GTU in Berkeley) or WebCT. Nothing against those systems, but our evals at work suggest that Moodle is just as functional and no harder to support. Especially on a Mac server.

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