BITB in New York

Sorry gang if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been: Hubby and I are in New York.

Yesterday, we had a lovely day with PeaceBang, one of her friends, and another colleague I’ll call RDA. We saw dropped by Fourth Universalist Church, saw the Gates, and had a yummy Italian lunch.

More details and photos — including the “secret” of the subject of the mural behind the curtain at 4U — on our return.

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  1. Hola and saludos from the Congregacion Unitario Universalistas de Puerto Rico. Should you ever visit the Island of Enchantment we invite you and your readers to come and meet us some time. We are very isolated here and greet every visitor warmly as we only get about one a year. From November to April our weather is warmer than many parts of the mainland and that is a very delightful time to visit but you will be warmly welcomed anytime

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