Universalist Christians Meetup

Well, though I’ve had no luck with Meetup.com, it isn’t stopping others from trying to organize something for Universalist Christians — to “Meet other local Universalists or people interested in Universalism, the belief in the eventual salvation of all creation.” (And before you get your pants in a knot about the “exclusivity” of such a move, do recall that the “Unitarian meetup” was created to gather Unitarian Universalists.)

It is small so far, and seems to be spearheaded by the folks who read UniversalistChristians.net, with undersized groups in Indianapolis, Richmond Va., Montgomery, Milwaukee, Concord Ca., and Florence, S.C.

Interestingly, the Straight Edge meetup in Fort Worth is co-named “the Christian Universalist Meetup Group.”

These groups need promotion to help them reach critical mass. Do see.

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  1. Scott,

    Please help me! What is a “meetup”? Is it a “cyber-thing” or does it have to do more with the physical proximity of meat-based organisms? Hope you are doing well. I should really call you some time…

    Incidentally, a barber I had in Detroit trained me to say “finger-length on the top, #2 on the sides.” I haven’t deviated from this formula for many a year…

  2. Urm, this is never gonna work. Unless you end up with, oh, say 20 people in the same city, a Meetup is an impractical way to gather a group. TheRightChristians.org, bless their overly ambitious hearts, thought a blog with a couple hundred readers a day could launch like-minded Meetups, but even in the two cities where they had the most interest, they couldn’t reach the critical mass — it’s something like 8 — to trigger the automatic scheduling function. The UU Meetups have never even come close, but then we have actual churches for people’s meetin’ needs.

    I need a haircut, too.

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