If you love me, let me go

My friend (and neighbor) Terrance and I don’t usually blog on the same things, but his post (“Compassionate Release on Terry Schaivo deserves a link and an elaboration. I go back and forth on the theory of euthanasia and the suspension of life-sustaining aid — there are serious theological issues here — but for crying out loud! This matter has been settled in the courts, has exhausted her husband’s efforts, and now and the congressional Republications need their heads examined (again) at the thought they’d use subpoena power to drag that poor woman to Congress. Does anyone still remember the day when leading Republicans would have fought bravely against this kind of governmental intrusion into personal lives? And why are these same leaders pitting a husband against a birth family? What happend to to the sanctity of marriage? I hope this measure backfires.

Well, anyway. Terrance links back a defunct, former employer’s website which has state-specific advanced directive forms for download. Read his entry, but even if you don’t be sure to visit the remaining information page of Parnership for Caring. I’ve already downloaded the advanced directive forms for the District of Columbia.

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