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For Easter Eve, I nearly went to a Missouri Synod Lutheran church and decided to put aside my scruples about attending churches that bar communion to me. The neighborhood LCMS church — one door down from an ELCA one, which is a a liberal end congregation of the moderate Lutheran denomination — didn’t have a Easter Eve service, so case closed.

But why would I bother, given that my paternal grandmother’s one piece of religious advice was to “avoid the Missouri Synod; they’re crazy”? (Which isn’t entirely true. I knew a LCMS college chaplain who helped me out in a moment of need.)

And they do have a handle on traditional church music. My habit to to sniff around the Anglicans when it comes to non-Taize-y chanting resources, but then I found

Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood: An Introduction to Gregorian Psalmody and Psalm Tones

(Also a nice page on psalm prayers.)

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