Little Jesus

Philocrites refers to Little India, which I would categorize as a Hindu children’s religious education. It is also very, very cute.

I Learn About Jesus on my desktop

It reminded me, graphically, of the earliest book I own, I Learn About Jesus. I got it at St. Ann’s Kintergarten not all that much after its 1972 publication date. It was printed by the Daughters of St. Paul, of the well known (to my posse of UU bloggers) Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The Paulines are the big media order of the Catholic church.

(I kept the photo uncropped so my dear readers can see a bit of Boy in the Bands World Headquarters.)

And — wow! — it is still in print, in a revised edition, but from the new cover, it seems some of the internal graphic are probably still from 1972. Love it.

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