Methodist Church (GB) feeds news

Apopos of the news that the UUA’s magazine, UUA World is going from six to four issues a year, and that there will be more fulsome web content, I thought I place my order for a news feed. It has become my #1 way of getting headlines, and I imagine its use will grow and grow.

42 (David Warnock) reports that his denomination — the Methodist Church of Great Britian — has a news feed from its website. I’ve long liked this site for its usefulness and good design despite their small size. (And they have a nice page on the proper use of the denominational emblem and nameplate.)

As y’all know, I prefer Firefox (44 million downloads!) and have just added Sage, a news reader, to it. I’ll report on how good or bad it is later.

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  1. By fulsome I hope you’re imagining abundant content rather the other, more common meaning of the word: unctuous, sycophantic, or ingratiating. My goal is certainly to avoid fulsomeness.

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