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Philocrites asked, in the comments of RSS from the United Church of Canada

If you were to rank the kinds of content you’d especially like to see made available through RSS at, what would you list?

First, anything that until now depended on mailing lists might/ought/could be an RSS feed.

  1. General news The UUA-L list should be fed as RSS.
  2. A human interest feed could/should replace the dated, haphazard banner ads distributed from the UUA to congregational and affiliate sites. It may be modeled on the UU World features, “In the Congregations
  3. A milestones feature modeled (of course) on the UU WorldMilestones” and the “UUA (UU News)” feature. I would like to see it (in print, on the web or RSS) include more about emerging and closing congregations. That’s a matter of UUA “family feeling” and keeps an eye towards mission.

Additional feeds could/should highlight calendering, Beacon Press and Bookstore specials, news for children, and helps for church administration, religious education, worship arts and pastoral ministry.

We also need United Church of Canada and Methodist Church (GB)-like advice and help.

There are a lot of opportunities here.

A moment later. I refreshed my favorite RSS list and found this entry from the Long Island UU News & Comment site, where writer Dan Forbush is looking for resources for a forthcoming workshop on new communication technologies.

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