Feeling broken, car-free, and good ministry in DC

Not much blogging today: I’m at home with a pulled back and throbbing knees. A day in bed with Advil and a heating pad, grateful that there’s not memorial service to do or sermon to preach. (I’ve done both in great pain; it’s nice not being essential and on-call all the time.)

En route to the kitchen for some cereal and wanted to comment. Our dear, faithful 1994 Geo Metro, dubbed Cricket (because it was small, green, and chirped) has gone to heaven, making the Boy in the Bands household car-free. It was a good car, if rather dinged and damaged in its last days, but it was reliable and got great gas milage. A good and faithful servant.

Now, I rather think not having a car is the proper Unitarian Universalist option, hybrids notwithstanding. Giggle and rue amongst yourselves.

Do note: If you have a car — drivable or not — that you want to donate, and you live in the metro DC area, consider giving it to Beacon House, ” a neighborhood based organization that supports at-risk youth and families of the Edgewood Terrace community in Washington, D.C.” It was founded by Unitarian Universalist colleague, the Rev. Donald E. Robinson. This ministry deserves more national recognition.

Beacon House

2 Replies to “Feeling broken, car-free, and good ministry in DC”

  1. What!? You don’t want either a Prius OR an Outback!? Or even a temptingly discounted Ford Escape? Auto workers are getting laid off right now–have you no human compassion for the oppressed lumpenproletariat? Where’s your inherent dignity? Your respect for the interdependent web?

    Seriously, hope you recover enough to make it to the picnic. The “Dear One”, as you call her, was inquiring about you yesterday.

  2. R.I.P. Cricket.
    How are your knees today? Are you still coming up??? (I know the bus is tough on your back)

    xxo PB and Erm

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